Finding inspiration by analysing all possibilities out there. That is our approach, for creating the best results.


Taking the road less travelled when we see possibilities. Daring to be different. Always respecting the functionality and our environment.


We create and design by doing, generating ideas during the process until we have found the perfect solution.

Our Secret Ingredients.

Many ingredients guide A-MAPOLA ARCHITECTURE in her quest for the perfect solution every single time. From the greatness of nature, to the passion found in dancing. All are used, combined, to design with synergy the solution for all architecture challenges.

About A-mapola Architecture.

Amapola is the Spanish name for the poppy flower. It represents the beauty, the colour and the strength of nature. A-mapola has an interest in sustainable projects on all different scales and architectural uses. Natural materials, a mix of textures, aesthetics and as well functionality. We do independent projects and projects in collaboration with other architects and designers. Giving special attention to detail, we listen carefully to the desires of each client sharing with them the desire of making each project come true.


Every project is an opportunity for A-MAPOLA ARCHITECTURE to work out the solution for the underlying dreams. By listening, research and passion the projects below have been realized.

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